18 September 2005

Silly idea of the week: Samsung E760 cellphone

samsung E760Samsung’s latest mobile, the E760, is certainly a stylish piece of ear candy, but its ‘unique selling proposition’ is the silliest idea I’ve heard this week. To quote from the latest Link catalogue, in order to start the phone’s camera or mp3 player:

“…no need for keys, just shake the phone while holding the hotkey.”

No matter that you’ll look a complete dork standing there shaking your mobile, but you still have to hold down a key! Oh, sorry, it’s not a key, it’s a hotkey. I see the difference.Go to eebahgum!


Gerald said...

...and I guess it's important to stop shaking before you take the photo

eebahgum! said...

Good point, Gerald. I hadn't thought of that :-) I suspect I'd be shaking for some time, just out of laughter.

Maybe they could put little containers in the phone to hold salt and pepper. Then it could be the Samsung Salt Shaker Cellphone. How could it not be a raging success?