8 September 2005

An open letter to the Football Association (or my proposal for the England team)

Dear FA,

I gather from watching England’s performances over the last couple of years, and in particular the last 3 games, that the England coaching position is once again vacant. In last night’s embarrassing performance against Northern Ireland (which division do they play in anyway?), there was a man next to Steve McLaren in the coaching box, who looked like the incumbent coach, but seemed to have no emotional interest in the game at all, and why should he, not being English?

I have good news for the Football Association – I am willing to make myself available for the position, and for my proposed 6 month trial I am willing to accept a greatly reduced salary of only £500,000. I guarantee that under my coaching the team will play more attractive football, forge out better results and basically look more like they have a clue than is presently the case. I recognise that the team has only lost one qualifying game under the previous coach, but that much vaunted statistic is surely no more than you’d expect from such a talented team. More to the point, how many times have narrow victories or weak draws been snatched when a cricket score was expected.

But before I start, I’d like to dispense with one or two items in the current job description, namely the following:

  • Must be a better ball handler off the pitch than on it
  • Must be absolutely clueless about footballing tactics
  • Must encourage hopeful punting of the ball down the length of the field rather than playing to feet
  • Must use trial matches to experiment with players and formations which will never be seen again, and so use up valuable time the key players could have spent learning to play together
  • Must constantly play most players in the wrong positions to the benefit of the few
  • Must have assistant whose name sounds like a piece of hand-baggage
  • Must show absolutely no passion whatsoever, at least not for football

Instead, I shall concentrate on the basic elements of football, such as defending, passing to feet, teamwork, tackling, attitude, discipline and putting the ball in the back of the net. My teams have always played creatively, with attacking flair and close-marking, physical defence. I have cultivated team spirit, effectively harnessed talent, and dealt incisively with insubordination and poor sportsmanship. I see no reason why this approach, which has worked so well at schoolboy level, should not be perfectly applicable to the current England squad.

I look forward to working with you and my new team.

Grand Master EebahgumGo to eebahgum!


Dirty Dan said...

Good post - I've always defended Sven before the last few results and i think its fairly obvious that he's incapable of taking us further - sort of like houllier situation at anfield but atleast houllier won stuff in the start!

eebahgum! said...

Thanks for your comments, Dan. I guess poor old Sven doesn't have too many friends at the moment, but on his salary he can probably afford new ones :-)


JJ said...

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