29 April 2008

Firefox 3 beta 5 and Scribefire

As an avowed Firefox fanboy, I've just upgraded to Firefox 3 beta 5 and was surprised to see it smoothly pick up all my add-ons. Of course, it crashed the first several times I started it up, but now a certain calm seems to have descended, and it's working fine.

Some months ago I installed the Scribefire add-on, and although it's been quietly updating away in the background, I've never actually used it in anger until today. So I guess this is a test of whether it works with the Firefox 3 beta. Now I'm going to press the Publish button, and if this appears on eebahgum! then it works. If it doesn't, I'd appreciate your feedback to tell me so. Here goes...


Michael said...

Clive - We'd like to borrow part, or maybe all, of your disclaimer. You asked for notification, but did not specify method. Couldn't find any contact info, so here ya go. You may find it, at some indefinite point in the future, on our blog Livin' on St. Croix on the fine print page. If you don't like the way we used it, let us know.

eebahgum! said...

It's all yours Michael, as long as you use it for good instead of evil. Thanks for getting in touch.