10 July 2007

Deal with eBay negativity using Toolhaus and Firefox

Following on from my previous post about ebay negatives, let me introduce Toolhaus—my favourite tool as a buyer on eBay. Just type in the name of a seller and it shows all their negative/neutral and withdrawn feedback, uninterrupted by those pesky positives. This, as Bowie would say, is the Nazz!

Just look how it seems to polarise eBayers. Some (most) seem to love it, but you get comments such as “That site is HORRIBLE and a disservice to EBay users. I understand the intention but it is very dangerous and produce (sic) more harm than good”, “I hate that toolhaus thing. Lame. “ and “That site is digusting (sic), what is it, lets find the bad side of sellers and exploit it”. Hey, anything that “digusting” must surely have merit!

And there’s a little plug in for Firefox that makes Toolhaus even easier to use by adding quick access to the tool to your right click menu. Just point at a seller’s eBay id, right click and Bob’s your auntie’s grandmother’s poodle. If you are using Firefox, and of course you are, download it here.

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Anonymous said...

Thats a nice tip for Toolhaus and Firefox

whb said...

Thanks - much appreciated! Your words are especially nice because I'm a fan of both Bowie and The Nazz. ;-)

eebahgum! said...

I suspect we're both giving away our age, whb :-)

eebahgum! said...

What I didn't realise at first glance is that whb who commented above is actually the person behind Toolhaus, so I'm privileged to have had such an exalted visitor and bow in his general direction!