24 March 2005

AdSense or NonSense?

Even the observant among you probably haven't noticed that I've removed Google AdSense from eebahgum! This assumption is based on the number of click-throughs my advertising has received in the three months it's been running...wait for it...ONE! Thanks for clicking through, Mum. Yup, I have made the grand total of $0.06 effective, which effectively gets reduced to $0.05 (hey, give me back my one cent Google, you can afford it!).

I think it's pretty obvious that AdSense is not going to be my path to untold wealth, but can it work for anyone, or is it simply an overhyped waste of bytes? I think the answer is, "It depends". Frankly, I have no idea how much income potential there is, even in a best-case scenario, but here are a few ways you can at least maximise your earnings:
  • Get lots of hits. eebahgum's few hundred hits a month just doesn't cut it, I'm afraid. I obviously need to feature Britney Spears and Pamela Anderson more often.
  • Go for breadth as well. The author of one blog I read today was using AdSense on more than 400 sites (now let's see, 400 times 5 cents is, er...). I'm sure they all feature really high quality writing too!
  • Stick to one topic and mention its buzzwords often. A blog like eebahgum!, in which you might get ten different topics on one page, does little to encourage well-focused ads from AdSense. All too often I've ended up with ads about blogging—not likely to excite my bank manager.
  • Above all, have modest expectations, and you won't be disappointed.
Happy blogging!
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